``The most beautiful place in the universe``

Gabriele D’Annunzio

The estate, which covers about 80 hectares, is a beautiful coastal forest full of pines, oaks, alders, poplars, holly and butcher's broom, within which stands the beautiful nineteenth century villa, dubbed by writer Renato Fucini, La Versilia is an enviable green lung walking, cycling, riding through a dense network of beaten track.

- the Festival -

Every year during the summer months, takes place in the park of the same name, the Festival, which for the quality and the level of events proposed achieved national and international fame.


A rich program that meets the most diverse audience with performances of drama, dance, music and cabaret is available to the public in the charming outdoor theater.

- Café -

They are available also at the Café afternoon events with well-known personalities of culture, politics, sports and entertainment.

- The Versiliana of the little ones -

C’è anche un appuntamento per i più piccoli che offre ogni giorno una ricca programmazione di attività ludico-ricreative.

The Versilia of the little ones provides a comprehensive daily program of activities and recreational activities.

- Villa -

In the park, in the Villa, Factory Pine nuts are a captivating art shows and exhibitions.


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